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Loss brings people into a different reality, and can create special needs in moving forward with life. The Becky Love Foundation provides funds and encourages applications for our grants, offering financial support for therapy and educational needs.


In the aftermath of a sudden loss, working with a mental health professional can help the healing process. Unfortunately, seeking therapy can be out of reach for the family and loved ones. The BLF Grant program works to make that process easier.


Survivors can have difficulty continuing or pursuing their education. BLF grants are available for expenses from high school through college. Funds are paid directly to the educational institutions, and are contingent on a number of factors, designed to keep the student engaged in their education, and bringing the maximum benefit to the student and their family.


BLF works to make the process nimble, so that those in need can receive funds quickly. In fairness to our donors, and to those in need, the applications are evaluated and verified for true need. Working with mental health and financial consultants, the applicant’s essays and financial situations are reviewed and prioritized for consideration.

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