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Loss of a loved one hurts. Our family started the Becky Love Foundation 10 years ago, after the sudden loss of our daughter, sister, niece, by suicide.  Surprised, hurt, bewildered and sad, we had our faith and each other, and struggled anyway.  


Reaching out to others who have suffered a loss, whether by suicide, accident, illness, or war, our mission is to help people who struggle with the loss of a loved one.  We partner with Comfort Zone Camp to support and volunteer at their amazing grief camps for kids, young adults, and families.


Our Bereavement Programs and other events are in Northern Virginia, and the retreat center, Morning Star Retreat is nearing completion, in partnership with Turner Farmhouse Foundation.


Your support is vital - please choose a gift for the Retreat House, or use our online donation options.   For more information, contract Sarah,

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